Swatantryaveer Savarkar Library & Reference Book Bank


Mumbai’s most popular Ganesha idol Lalbaugcha Raja is attracting students through its educational trust, the Lalbaugcha Raja Prabodhini.

It all started in 2006 by Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshtosav Mandal to undertake educational activities. The trust runs a library located near Lalbaug Market. The library consists of a reading hall and also has a book lending facility.

The library is known as the Swatantryaveer Savarkar Library & Reference Book Bank initially had 2000 members, now has 80000 members. The library had 5000 books when it started and now has over 1 lakh books. The library organizers promise that the book will be available in 48 hours in case if anybody need it and if it’s not in their collection

The library caters several books related to UPSC, MPSC, banking, computer and various entrance exams.

Reporting About Terrorism: The Major Mistake That Journalists Commit

Media (be it Print or Broadcast or Internet) is one of the important means of communication. Citizens depend on these media to learn what is happening across the World. Terrorism is one of the major issue for which the world is trying hard to battle against. As told earlier, people depend on media to learn the news and development of the story. As a normal citizen, a person feels he is updated completely if he/she gets to learn about the insights of the terror attacks. But major concern is, are journalists reporting in ethical way while reporting about terror attacks?

Most of the times, the news channels go over the board, forgetting that some reports might leak out security information of the nation. But media houses are more concerned about their TRP, viewership and other elements to be the most observed media. One of such example could be seen during the 26/11 attacks. Majority of the media channels were reporting about the moments of terrorists in Taj, Mumbai, which eventually helped the terrorists from other location to guide their member’s in conquering the location.

The unethical way of reporting in India on attacks has backgrounds in 1999, when Barkha Dutt decided to report the insights of Indian Army preparation.


The Indian media however, did not learn anything from Kargil War and 26/11 reporting. Particularly during the Pathankot Terror Attacks. The Editor-in-chief of NDTV Barkha Dutt decided to go over the board once again and was constantly tweeting about the insights of the terror attacks which was basically leaking out security concerns. People were further outraged over the reports further which Barkha was criticised heavily.

The Media should learn not to take freedom of press an advantage while reporting such incidents. The most important thing that a reporter should keep in mind is to ensure to protect national security related matter.